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Wellink and Caesar: two companies that merged to form one strong firm in 2009. Specialized in machines and equipment for forestry, biomass and landscape maintenance.


As well as the dealership for John Deere forestry machines and Diverto multi-tool excavators, we also develop machines ourselves under the brand names Dutch Dragon and Caesar. A complete team of skilled craftsmen is available at our main premises in Ulft to provide you with technical support, to supply spare parts or give advice.

The flat organization structure of Wellinkcaesar means that you can contact precisely the right person with knowledge of your market, the technology involved and, in particular, your company. That typifies the strength of Wellinkcaesar. If a standard machine is not the best solution for how you operate then we will search together with you for the most suitable alternative. Our knowledge and experience will help you to arrive at exactly the right choice of machine that is best suited to your operations.

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De Stenenmaat 15
7071 ED Ulft
The Netherlands

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T +31 (0)315-695470
F +31 (0)315-695479





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Welcome in Sweden 7 – 10 juni 2017

Elmia Wood is arranged thirty kilometres south from Jönköping. The venue is in the forests of Bratteborgs Gård in the municipality of Vaggeryd.

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